Where to Make Dubstep Music On The Web



or anyone seeking a method to make Dubstep Online, the best program to use is called Dubturbo.

Read this article and then go to: This Website Here

This application is by far the best software to produce original Dubstep music, however every online music program has the same problems, so a downloadable version is offered.

After accessing the member’s area, the two choices are:

A. Use the Dubturbo Software Online


B. Download the software to your computer

It is rumored that the online version could only be accessible for a short period of time longer, as some technical issues have arisen. All of which are solved when you download the desktop version anyway.


Issues faced with All Web-Based Programs: 

Using any music software over the internet can and will almost result in some “latency” delays between what you want the program to do, and what it actually does do.  This loss in real-time reaction is incredibly frustrating and at times renders you almost incapable of finishing the track with the precision you require.

Many Dubturbo users love to tap out their kick and snare drum patterns by hand, using the built-in keyboard drum machine. Whether you use this feature or not, you can imagine that the latency delays of the track can make it hard to create music that simply must be on the beat.

Solve these delays by getting the download version.

Download and install to your computer to start producing your own original dubstep tracks immediately. Then there is no need to worry about the speed of your machine, the speed of your internet provider and the physical distance of your location from that of the Dubturbo internet server.

It takes less than 5 minutes to download and install to your desktop.

Official Manufacturer and download location: http://www.dubturbo.com


Why Dubturbo is so popular:

Instant Access:  Get into the member’s area and access the web-based version of the software or download the desktop version to commence production right now.

Mac and PC versions: Finally a decent program that has Mac versions as well as Windows based. No need to miss out Mac Users!

Built-In Drum Machine:  External hardware such as Midi Contollers and drum machines can be very expensive, though they do give you that hands-on option to get involved in more than just clicking your mouse to “produce” original Dubstep music.

Dubturbo is the only program to lets you utilize your keyboard to actually tap your beats and sounds into the sequencing platform. Simply assign a drum sound, sample or instrument to a particular key and play it live whilst recording.

Sound Kits: The massive range of samples and instruments that are accessible through the program are nothing short of awesome, however additional sound kits can be obtained if you download the software. Make sure you don’t miss them, as they will cost you a lot should you want them at a later stage.

Tutorials: Once you enter, there is a huge range of detailed tutorial videos to assist you in getting started quickly. There is no self-educating and messing around like with others programs.

Mastering: The final mastered tracks that can be exported from Dubturbo have a massive, high quality sound. Choose from a variety of formats upon export, which can literally be done with a single mouse click, should you want to let the system choose the output settings for you.

Download the program from the software developer:

Click here to go to download location

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Gotye: Making Mirrors – Going Electronic?


YMaking Mirrors. This is definitely a prevalence of on-the-grid electronic beatmaking, sound effects, and mixing techniques. But the vocal presentation is somewhere between the Beatles and Sting, and the instrumentation itself has a bent indie vibe.

“Eyes Wide Open” is the first full-length track on the album. From it, the instrumentation is sparse and subdued, and the lines are blurred between the lyrics being a permanent chorus or a permanent narrative.

The next track is the standout “Somebody I Used To Know.” It’s almost a dark lullaby in construction, and it feels like there is a blanket covering the song before it gets to your ears. Gotye’s voice really shines in the high registers during the chorus. If you have a chance to watch the video, it actually takes away from the emotion of the song. You can feel the music pulsing through the speakers, but it requires concentration that’s lacking when there are visuals with it. There’s a little bit of Tom Waits influence buried deep in there – that off-beat toy sound that makes you feel like you’re on the edge of something, but you can’t be sure quite what it is.

“Smoke and Mirrors” is a slow rocker and the lyrics sit more carefully in the back with the drums. You’re in the studio with Gotye on this one, and the vocals are specifically made to sound expensive. The dynamics really pop during the choruses, and the intensity of the song slowly grows until by the end with each vocal stab, you feel a little nail pricking into your heart.

“I Feel Better” is a 90 degree left turn into some funky Motown flavor, with a complete change in production value and mix type. There is even some very authentic feeling tube-on-2-inch tape distortion on the hot words of the song. A full brass section fills out the track as it goes on, and you can envision a band playing at the epic part of a high-school prom night.

Next up, Cat Stevens and Simon & Garfunkel collide for an uptempo groove before the electro-synth line comes in, and now we have “In Your Light.” By this point, you’re starting to really understand the talent that Gotye has; there is an incredible amount of depth in the music qualities of the tunes, even if at times the quality of the recordings seem a little rough.

A creepy saxophone riff greets you to start out “State of the Art,” and a pitched down trip-hop ragga beat presents you with the weirdest song of the album for sure, and this is where you know that the album is indicating that he is starting to make dubstep, but having said that, it fits better in the electronica category than anywhere else.

Finish the album - it’s worth it for sure. This is a definitely a musical concept that has room to grow and just seems to be stretching its legs, so the future is bright for Gotye in the little niche he has carved out.

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Are Your Worthy of A Rider?


As we continue onwards with our in depth explanation of what a professional Dubstep DJ needs, we touch the subject of riders. Now taking into consideration that Riders are generally used in bands, a DJ has use of one as well. A rider basically is a document you send the venue you are to play with all the requirements you need to make the show happen. For instance taking the example of a normal band containing one drummer, one guitarist and a bassist; the rider will say something like:

  • 3 monitors (one for each musician)
  • 2 cable ins (plug in bass and guitar)
  • 2 mics (vocals and backups)
  • Vocal compressor (if needed)

You get the picture. The rider will give specific instructions for the venue to prepare the stage for your show. So what would be in the rider of a DJ? Let’s take a closer look.

Technical Rider for DJs

A good idea when it comes to sending your Tech rider off is to add in a Stage plot. STAGE PLOT?!? Don’t worry, a stage plot is basically a diagram (one you can make in power point or even paint if you have to) that shows the people how you will be performing. This diagram will basically be a visual guide for the Tech Rider showing the venue where to put the monitors, where you’ll be and so forth.

Now let’s get into the gritty details of the DJ tech rider.

First of all you’ll want to say what you’ll be using and what it is connected to, since DJ’s don’t need to move all over stage and generally as a type of “podium” where they play from. So your stage plot will actually be a diagram of your “play station”. So first of all on the rider you’ll explain something like:

  • Korg x1x1 connected to Laptop 1 via USB
  • Trigger Finger is connected to Laptop 2 via USB
  • Soundcard via Fire Wire to Laptop 2
  • Monitors controlled by DJ mixer (model and so forth)
  • 1 dynamic microphone with appropriate cable to Mixer

Following your rider, which is basically what you need and where it needs to be connected to you’ll go and state your setup. This basically means you’ll just list everything that you will be using during the performance.

Some artists request insane things of their Riders...

Finally to come of really pro you’ll be submitting a final document along with your Tech Rider which is a list of things you’ll be bringing. This list helps you to keep track of everything you brought and more importantly protects you against from being accused of stealing something. You won’t believe how many clubs actually would want to chop off money from your pay claiming you “stole” something, so in order to protect you and your money, take a spreadsheet with everything. Once you get in let someone on the staff sign your documentation to confirm that it is all you brought, and the same goes for when you are leaving.

In the end a Tech Rider will save you a lot of trouble in the future because of management issues, logistics and finally solidifying the performance.

Take note that a Tech rider is sent with a contract in order for the venue to negotiate with you what they can get and what you need to get on your own. Generally in the case of DJ’s they should have everything you need, but then again you can’t leave things up for chance.

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The Dubstep Capital of the World


Music, just like man, has a specific birthplace whether it is rock and roll or Dubstep. Generally people assume that because the music was created at a specific place, that the city or town where it was created at, is the capital of the music. In the case of Dubstep we know that it originates from South London, but when we talk about specifics three or four names stand out from the rest and in our opinion could be considered the “capitals” of Dubstep.

If you find yourself on a Dubstep pilgrimage, then maybe you should think about visiting one of the Dubstep Capitals of the world.

Croydon, South London

Croydon streets may have changed since this was taken, but it will forever remain the Founding Father of Dubstep music.

This place will be forever remembered as the first place where Dubstep came from. This is where the first “official” Dubstep DJ came onto the scene, Skream and played the first ever recorded “Dubstep” song entitled “Midnight Request Line”. It was Skream who opened the flood gates and Croydon produced several other popular Dubstep DJs including; Hatcha, Coki, Mala, Hijak, Benga and many more.

Croydon, in addition to producing the first ever Dubstep DJ in the world, also provided the first ever Dubstep store called “Big Apple”. Even the HMV in Croydon was the first in the entire country to create a specific shelf just for Dubstep. As you can see that the Dubstep portal of the universe can be found right here and if you are looking to find some real original Dubstep, Croydon would be the safest bet.

To be fair Croydon would be considered the Capitol of Dubstep seeing that it was the birthplace of the movement. And even though there are other significant cities that produce fine Dubstep, Croydon will always be the official capitol of Dubstep.

Bristol Dubstep

Bristol is deemed to be one of the most saturated Dubstep cities in the world, and in amongst the hordes of tag along DJ’s you can find some of the most influential DJ’s in the genre. These DJs include; Joker, Pinch, Guido, Gemmy, Prevelist and much more. Bristol with its gigantic pool of talent made it’s way to the second biggest Dubstep city trailing only a little behind London itself.

Within the city limits of Bristol you can venture to some of the most prominent Dubstep venues such as Thekla, Dojos and the Croft. Another worthwhile Dubstep venue is Basement 45 where you can listen to the crude sounds until your ears bleed.

Bristol is definitely the younger brother to South London’s massive Dubstep scene and is definitely a place to visit if you are a fan of the genre.

Leeds Dubstep

Finally we venture over to Leeds where the Dubstep scene is also booming. There are tons of up and coming DJs making a name for themselves in some of the most recognized clubs in Leeds. Exodus and Subdub at the West Indian Center have hosted a wide array of Dubstep DJs including the infamous Jack Sparrow. Leeds is definitely a stop if you are serious about making and listening to good Dubstep.


It is important for people who are interested in becoming a Dubstep DJ or who simply love the genre to visit these Dubstep Meccas, especially if you truly want to see what it’s all about. Dubstep is growing in popularity all over the world, but when it comes to actually living Dubstep, these cities know what’s going on.

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